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I.T. - Information Technology
The development, installation, and implementation of computer systems and applications.

I.T. For Kids is a Florida Non-Profit Organization. If we can help to bring a computer into a home or provide learning centers to improve the lives of children then we are on our way to achieving something fantastic, and with your help we will achieve this goal. We strongly believe that every child should have, or have access to uninterrupted use of a computer.

Please e-mail or call and check out our other web pages for more information if you interested in helping the I.T. For Kids Foundation with donations of computer equipment, volunteer work or support of any kind.

Thank you.




If you wish to donate online directly to I.T. For Kids right now this is your opportunity! We are are in the process of applying for IRS recognition of our 501 (c)(3) status, we will provide you with an official tax receipt for your donation. We have legal and accounting services overseeing this process to ensure compliance.

Please click on our Make a Donation link:


Your donations will purchase needed parts for donated computers.

Every subscription can repair many computers or buy a brand new one!

Please include your preference with your subscription, email or call to indicate your preference or leave it to the discretion of the board members and current organizational objectives.



A dollar a day will make a huge difference. Subscribe today!

$14 every other week.

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